6 Tips to Stop Spam Calls on iPhone – Scammers Hate #4!

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6 Tips to Stop Spam Calls on iPhone – Scammers Hate #4!
6 Tips to Stop Spam Calls on iPhone – Scammers Hate #4!
David and David show you how to block unwanted calls on an iPhone. U.S. consumers received nearly 4 billion robocalls per month in 2020. Despite the FCC's efforts to combat robocalls and identity theft, it remains a major problem – and a headache – for virtually anyone with a phone number.

There are a few iPhone settings you can enable to reduce unwanted calls. The first is Silence Unknown Callers, which sends calls to voicemail if they don't come from your contacts, recent outgoing calls, or Siri suggestions. Some carriers also give you the option to silence unwanted callers if your carrier detects the call as spam or potential fraud.

You can also add your telephone number to the Do Not Call Registry. This will help stop unwanted calls on your iPhone, but be warned: not all call centers will honor it.

Add your phone number to the Do Not Call Registry: https://www.donotcall.gov

There are several spam blocking apps that you can install to stop unwanted calls on iPhone. Although you can install a third-party app from your carrier, we recommend trying a free app from the iPhone App Store first. Wireless carriers are great at nickel and diming you. They may charge you a monthly fee for features included for free with a robocall blocking app.

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0. Introduction [0:00]
1. Silence unknown callers [0:17]
2. Silence unwanted callers (if you can) [1:53]
3. Don't call the register [2:35]
4. Spam Blocking Apps [3:52]
5. Contact your wireless carrier [7:27]
6. Lobby your local politician [7:40]

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