Apple Health: 7 Secret Tips to Maximize Your Health

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Apple Health: 7 Secret Tips to Maximize Your Health
Apple Health: 7 Secret Tips to Maximize Your Health
I share how I use Apple Health to track my blood sugar, HRV, testosterone and more. It protects my hearing from noise levels, protects my eyesight from daily sun exposure trends, and protects my cardiovascular system with Cardio Fitness. Apple Health helped me understand my health trends with blood tests like testosterone, glucose, and physical activity.

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00:00 – How I use Apple Health to stay healthy
00:26 – Favorites
03:35 – Integration and features
06:13 – Clinical health data
09:24 – Health Checklist
11:19 a.m. – Cycle monitoring
12:11 – Health sharing
1:18 p.m. – Sleep tracking
2:14 p.m. – Noise and hearing protection
4:22 p.m. – Medications
5:26 p.m. – Mental well-being
6:18 p.m. – My favorite features

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