Bedroom Window Safety Issues! #DIY #home #safety

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Bedroom Window Safety Issues! #DIY #home #safety
Bedroom Window Safety Issues! #DIY #home #safety
Important Reminder: Window Egress Requirements

Did you know that having properly sized AND operable windows for emergency exits is crucial to your safety at home?

Why is it important? In the event of a fire or other emergency, properly sized and operable windows provide a means of egress and allow emergency responders access to the building. Securing closed windows with nails or screws or installing metal grills around windows prevents a safe means of egress.

What is the standard? Generally, windows used for egress must have a minimum clear opening width of 20 inches, a minimum clear opening height of 24 inches, a minimum clear opening area of 5.7 square feet, a sill height maximum above ground of 44 inches and they must not be securely closed or blocked.

Check your windows: Make sure your windows meet these requirements, especially in bedrooms and basements where emergency exits are crucial.

Safety first: don't compromise on safety! If your windows do not meet egress standards, consider upgrading them or installing proper egress windows to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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