dark green minute: painted windows closed, yuck!

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dark green minute: painted windows closed, yuck!
dark green minute: painted windows closed, yuck!
The previous owner painted about 40% of his windows closed with my house paint, and they were screwed to the window frame with brackets for added good measure. This is unfortunately not an unusual thing in the United States. Because normal people always use either heating or air conditioning, so who needs to open a window, right? …Um no!

So I will have to free these windows. Depending on the thickness of the paint, this can be quite a challenge. But the unusually cool and cool weather we've been experiencing is starting to give way to our more typical warm temperatures, so I guess I better stop ranting and get to work!

In the United States, many people never open their windows; and many buildings, especially public buildings, are designed with the assumption that the heating or air conditioning will always be on. But I prefer to keep the windows open. So it's time to loosen a number of painted windows in my house.

When it comes to saving money, reducing fossil fuel consumption, and building a healthier body and mind, it's always good to ask what "normal practice" is. Which can be a challenge because we are immersed in our cultural norms 24-7!


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