FIND AND CANCEL subscriptions on Apple and Amazon TURN OFF AUTO-RENEWALS

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FIND AND CANCEL subscriptions on Apple and Amazon TURN OFF AUTO-RENEWALS
FIND AND CANCEL subscriptions on Apple and Amazon TURN OFF AUTO-RENEWALS
Hi! To welcome! Keeping track of our digital subscriptions can be difficult, with so much available at our fingertips. This video explains how to easily find and cancel digital subscriptions on Apple and Amazon devices. By the end of this video, you will be an expert in subscription management. So, let's get started!

Tracking and canceling subscriptions is a great way to save money. You'll need to check which apps, shows, and channels you subscribe to, like Hulu, Amazon, HBO, Disney, etc.

Turn off annoying auto-renewals that you may not know are on. In less than 4 minutes, you can find out what you're subscribed to and cancel unwanted charges.

Many families share the same account, or someone in your household might have subscribed to a trial version of an app or channel without your knowledge. Watch this video to see what you're being charged through Amazon or Apple and quickly cancel anything you no longer want.

We've made this video in a user-friendly format in sections so you can follow along or jump straight to what interests you. The steps work with your iPhone and iPad or any web browser.

Feel free to pause or go back and follow along.

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How to quickly and easily find and cancel subscriptions on Apple and Amazon.

00:00 – Tired of paying for TV and app subscriptions? Here's how to find them on Apple and Amazon
00:12 – I love my technology Jaime Huffman
00:13 – Apple TV or Amazon Firestick
00:19 – Forgot where you subscribed?
00:32 – Apple – Where to find your subscriptions for everything you subscribe to on your Apple TV, iPhone or iPad
01:25 – Another way to find more information about Apple
01:32 – Subscribe and help us GROW! THANK YOU
02:30 – Apple – how much you pay and how to find the renewal date. Don't forget about most automatic renewals
02:47 – AMAZON – Where to find your subscriptions and how to cancel or stop auto-renewals – This concerns everything you've subscribed to on your Amazon Firestick
03:40 – YOU DID IT! You have found and canceled your subscriptions
03:45 – Subscriptions to documents, analog or digital
03:57 – Thanks for watching!

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