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Genius quiz
Genius quiz
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Question 1: What object, launched in 1949, is sometimes called a /"45/"?
Answer a: A rotary phone
Answer b: A single LP disc
Answer c: A single-engine plane
Answer d: A portable television

Question 2: Where were the stockings hung in /"The Night Before Christmas/"?
Answer a: near the fireplace
Answer b: In the bathroom
Answer c: In the kitchen
Answer d: On the tree

Question 3: The name of which country is an anagram of PURE?
Answer a: People
Answer b: Ruep
Answer c: Eupr
Answer d: Peru

Question 4: What is the invisible line that goes around the center of planet Earth?
Answer a: the equation
Answer b: The equalizer
Answer c: The equator
Answer d: The invisible line

Question 5: The work of Mexican muralist Diego Rivera is heavily influenced by which ancient people?
Answer a: Pilgrims
Answer b: The hippies
Answer c: The Vikings
Answer d: The Aztecs

Question 6: What are soldiers who fight on horseback?
Answer a: infantry
Answer b: Gladiators
Answer c: Cavalry
Answer d: Barbarians

Question 7: The highest zip code number is 99950, which sends your mail to Ketchikan in what state?
Answer a: Florida
Answer b: California
Answer c: Alaska
Answer d: Maine

Question 8: Which president, who used to bathe in the Potomac, was ambushed by Anne Royall, who sat on his clothes until his interview?
Answer: John Quincy Adams
Answer b: Sam Adams
Answer c: John Adams
Answer d: Adam Adams

Question 9: Inauguration Day
Answer to: December 21
Answer b: February 20
Answer c: March 20
Reply d: January 20

Question 10: Which reed plant that grew along the Nile became a useful resource?
Answer a: bamboo
Answer b: Cattails
Answer c: Willows
Answer d: Papyrus

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