How I Repaired My ZIGBEE MESH (4 Tips to Try)

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How I Repaired My ZIGBEE MESH (4 Tips to Try)
How I Repaired My ZIGBEE MESH (4 Tips to Try)
I hope this video helps you #fix your #zigbee #mesh frustrations!

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— Products in this video —
Innr Bulbs:
Third Reality Takes:
Aqara Smart Plug:
SONOFF S40 Lite Smart Plug:
Ikea Tradfri smart socket:
SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 Plus Dongle:
Nortek HUSBZB-1 Coordinator:
T&H Aqara sensor:
Aqara P1 motion sensor:
Aqara leak sensor:
Aqara door sensors:
Aqara Button:

— The stuff behind me —
Bright desk lamp:
Office architect lamp:
Monitor stands:
Desktop microphone:
Acoustic panels:
Studio headphones:
Under-cabinet speakers:
Desktop backlight strip:
Desktop backlight controller:
Desktop backlight power:
Desktop board:
Desktop Supports:

–Filming setup–
Camera support:
Key Light:
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