How to Add an Admin on a Facebook Page – Complete Guide

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How to Add an Admin on a Facebook Page – Complete Guide
How to Add an Admin on a Facebook Page – Complete Guide
To add an admin to your Facebook page, follow these steps:

1. **Go to your Facebook page**: Log in to Facebook and navigate to the Facebook page you want to add an admin to.

2. **Go to Page Settings**: In the upper right corner of your page, click /"Settings/" to access the settings menu.

3. **Go to Page Roles**: In the left column of the settings menu, click on /"Page Roles./" This will take you to the Page Roles section where you can manage roles and permissions for your page.

4. **Add an admin**: In the /"Assign a new page role/" section, you will see a field titled /"Assign a new page role./" Enter the name or email address of the person you want to add as an administrator. Make sure you select the correct role from the drop-down menu next to the field. Choose /"Admin/" from the drop-down menu to give the person full administrative access.

5. **Confirm and authenticate**: After entering the name or email address and selecting the role, click the /"Add/" button. If you're asked to authenticate your identity (usually by entering your Facebook password), do so.

6. **Confirm the addition**: Facebook may ask you to confirm your action. Review the details and click "Confirm/" to add the person as an admin to your Facebook page.

7. **New Admin Notification**: The person you added as an admin will receive a notification informing them of their new role. They will need to accept the role to become an administrator and access the page.

8. **Completion**: Once the new admin accepts the invitation, they will have full administrative access to the Facebook page, allowing them to manage settings, posts, messages and other aspects of the Facebook page. page.

Keep in mind that adding an admin gives the person full control over the page, so only add trusted people or team members who need access to manage effectively the page.

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