How to disable OneDrive in Office 365?

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How to disable OneDrive in Office 365?
How to disable OneDrive in Office 365?
OneDrive can be useful and can be annoying. And it's enabled by default. Fortunately, it's not very difficult to unpair or disable. I'll show you how.

Disable OneDrive in Office
You can uninstall the Microsoft OneDrive app from Windows, through the Settings app, which will unlink your computer from your online OneDrive account. In order to prevent Microsoft Office applications from using OneDrive, a set of options must be adjusted. The most important is the "Save to computer by default" option, found in Office's saving settings.

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Then look at half a dozen uses for OneDrive

0:00 Disable OneDrive in Office 365?
0:30 Impose OneDrive on us
1:40 Optional: Uninstall OneDrive
Article – Why is my OneDrive full?
3:30 p.m. Change Office settings in Word
6:20 Don't forget your old files
6:42 Other Office apps
8:22 Or learn OneDrive

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