How to find the cause of an unexpected shutdown in Windows 10

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How to find the cause of an unexpected shutdown in Windows 10
How to find the cause of an unexpected shutdown in Windows 10
How to find out why your PC shut down for no reason in Windows 10
Did your computer shut down unexpectedly or found that it had restarted? If so, you can use these instructions to find out why this happened on Windows 10.

PowerShell command used:
Get-WinEvent -FilterHashtable @{ LogName 'System'; ID 41, 1074, 6006, 6605, 6008; } Format list ID, LevelDisplayName, TimeCreated, Message

In Windows 10, the event log system tracks everything that happens, including when and why the computer restarts or shuts down properly or due to a problem.

Although you usually don't think to look at this information until Windows 10 restarts successfully, sometimes you will need to know these details to determine if there is an issue that needs attention. Or to understand if Windows Update suddenly rebooted the system to apply a new update or the device lost power unexpectedly.

Whatever the reason, Windows 10 includes different ways to check the date, time, and reason why the system shut down or restarted unexpectedly using Event Viewer or by querying the event logs with PowerShell and Command Prompt.

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