How to Post an Animated GIF on Facebook 2018

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How to Post an Animated GIF on Facebook 2018
How to Post an Animated GIF on Facebook 2018
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How to Post GIFs on Facebook 2018

H Paul here from PRwilson Media Now you've probably seen some of these GIFs like this, a little video clip popping up in your feed. I'll show you how simple it is to choose the one you want to capture the mood you're in, the emotion you're feeling. And there are even stickers and other things that we'll look at. Here we go.

So you are logged in to your profile and you will go to where you can post a message and see the different options available. And there's GIF, so there's a core library that you can call on. All you have to do is search for a keyword, any topic. Let's just say in general it's something people can sympathize with and all sorts of overreactions about snow when it falls here in the UK. So let's just say panic as the keyword. Yes, you have SpongeBob and all kinds of characters to choose from.

You can scroll and you can even edit it to include other words, so panic, snow. We have this panda, so there are other options here to express emotions, so emoji stickers, let's choose happy and I'll click publish. You can now check the final results which will be published. And if you're happy with that, you can just change the status from just me to friends or public and it's basically live for your Facebook community. Now have a game solution, as I say, with the only set for me you can add the different expressions of what you feel. There are now polls where you can select a few different GIFS for answer options. So you can say what you're thinking, do you prefer this one or that one, or what do you think I should do. This kind of things. Beautiful interactive articles. There is even one who answers a question. Now, for example, if you just want to add a GIF to a Facebook page post, you can't do that directly, so you can do a lot more from your personal profile. But I say you can still do polls on Facebook pages and I talked about that in another video.

So there you have it, these are GIFs, and there's a whole library to choose from. Yes there are ways to create your own, you can search for software for this, but why not just use existing ones, it's a great way to get people to interact with you, reconnect and to just share something that divides the feed of all the different things that people need to consume. This really stands out. So, I'm Paul from PRwilson Media, your personal social media trainer. Cheers.

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