How to remove Firefox Esr and install the latest version of Firefox on Debian 12?

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How to remove Firefox Esr and install the latest version of Firefox on Debian 12?
How to remove Firefox Esr and install the latest version of Firefox on Debian 12?
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Download all commands – step by step:

Here are the main differences between Firefox ESR and Firefox:
To focus:
Firefox: Focuses on offering the latest features, performance improvements, and security fixes. It is ideal for users who want to experience the latest features and stay on the cutting edge.
Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release): Prioritizes stability and long-term support. It receives critical security updates, but not all the new features of the latest regular versions of Firefox. This makes it suitable for businesses, organizations or users who value stability and a longer update cycle.
Firefox: Receives major updates every four weeks, with minor updates more frequently. This rapid update cycle ensures you have quick access to the latest features and security fixes. However, frequent updates can sometimes introduce bugs or force users to adapt to interface changes.
Firefox ESR: Only receives major updates once a year, with critical security updates delivered every four weeks. This slower update cycle provides a more stable environment and minimizes disruption, but you won't have access to the latest features as soon as they are released.
Who should use which:
Use Firefox if:
You want to benefit from the latest features and performance improvements.
You are comfortable with frequent updates and potential minor bugs.
You are an individual user who prioritizes the newest features.
Use Firefox ESR if:
You need a stable and reliable browser for professional or mission-critical tasks.
You prefer a longer update cycle with less disruption.
You don't mind waiting for new features as long as security is maintained.
You are using Linux and your distribution provides a well-maintained ESR package.
Additional Considerations:
Both Firefox and Firefox ESR are receiving security updates, although Firefox ESR may be slightly behind the latest security fixes in regular Firefox releases.
Firefox ESR offers a feature set roughly equivalent to a standard version of Firefox released about a year ago.
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Download all commands – step by step:

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