How to Remove Sound from Video Quickly and Easily

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How to Remove Sound from Video Quickly and Easily
How to Remove Sound from Video Quickly and Easily
In this video we show you how to remove audio from your video.

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In this tutorial, you will learn two easy methods to remove sound from your video with Veed's simple online video editor.

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Remove sound from a video Tutorial

Let's say you want to remove audio or sound from your video, but you don't know how to do it.

Hello everyone, my name is Tim and in this video I'm going to show you how this can be done in just a few seconds, so let's get started.

In this example, we go to VEED.IO. You can create an account for free. Or click the first link in the description to go directly to the website.

Once on the home page, click Upload your video. Then click Upload File. Select your video clip. I'll use a video of my cat as an example. And click Open. After a short while, your video is imported.

Now there are several ways to remove sound…

First, you can click on the video file in the timeline. You will see an Edit Video menu appear. Then, under Audio, you can adjust the volume of the video.

You can drag the slider all the way to the left to remove the sound. Or just click the sound icon on the left to instantly cut the video.

You can even remove background noise and improve the audio quality by clicking Clean Audio, but that's not necessary for this example.

A second way to remove audio is to use the timeline options. In the timeline menu, you will see the same sound icon.

Hover your mouse over it to change the volume of the video. And again, click on the sound icon to mute the video completely.

To download the muted video, click export in the upper right corner. Next, click Export Video.

Once the video is rendered, click Download MP4 to download the video to your device.

And that's how to quickly and easily remove sound from your video!

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Remove audio from video – step by step:

00:00 Introduction
00:08 How to import your video
00:29 How to remove sound from your video Method 1
00:54 How to remove sound from your video Method 2
01:09 How to export your muted video
01:22 Exit

Questions? Ask in the comments!

Good luck!

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Veed is a simple online video editing platform perfect for creating video content on social media. You can use Veed to crop, trim, filter, add music to videos, automatically generate subtitles, turn podcasts into videos and much more.

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