How to Reset a Router's Internet Configuration

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How to Reset a Router's Internet Configuration
How to Reset a Router's Internet Configuration
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Today I want to talk to you about resetting your routers. Routers are wonderful things, and they give all of our computers access to the Internet, but sometimes they slow down or simply stop working and in most cases the solution is to reset them. So there are several ways to reset your routers. The first is to simply unplug it. So each router is connected to power, so you can just pull the plug out and wait a second, then plug the plug back in, which will reset it quite effectively. Some routers have a switch, like this one, so I can just turn the switch off and on and the router will reset.

Another way is to use this rare and handy tool called a paper clip. You can just unfold it a little bit to make the tip stick out and sometimes there will be a little reset button right here that I can just click and that will reset the router. Now the reason we have this reset switch, even though we can reset the router another way, is because sometimes we need to do something called a hard reset. Hard reset, it will clear the router memory. It will be cleaned and returned to the way it was when we first purchased it from the store.

The way we do a hard reset is to leave the router connected and powered on, then take the clip and insert it into it. Press the button for ten seconds and that's it! Once we are done, the router will reset and completely forget all the settings you made on it. This is a really good tip in case you lose the password, or forget the settings, or you no longer know how to access your wireless network or maybe a friend just gave you an old router and you don't want to have its settings. on it, so you want to wipe it off and get a fresh start.

Once you have reset the router, since all settings return to the default state, it would be wise to first go to the manufacturer's website and download the manual so that you know the name of the router. username, password and default IP address of the router so that after you reset it you will have access to it.

So that’s a little bit about how to reset your router.

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