How to see what someone is doing on their phone

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How to see what someone is doing on their phone
How to see what someone is doing on their phone
In this video I'll show how to install and use a screen mirroring app called Inkwire Screen Share Assist. This application is available on Google Play Store. As its name suggests, this application allows you to remotely assist another Android user. This app requires permission from both users for installation and screen sharing. The screen is shared over the Internet and can only be used when both users are connected to mobile data or WiFi. InkWire is a bidirectional application. That is, this application must be installed on both users and any of the users can use this application to remotely view and assist the other user. This app has a pen tool that can be used to help communicate with other users remotely. So when the viewing phone touches the screen, an ink (pen) is drawn on the screen to facilitate communication with the split screen user. While this app is running, there will always be a notification on the phone to alert the user that the phone screen is being shared. Any user could easily stop sharing their screen at any time. And to run the app again, both users will have to voluntarily open/start the app on their phone. Then, in order to share the screen, the sharing phone will need to provide the passcode to the other phone for screen sharing. The viewing phone cannot remotely control the shared phone. The pen tool can be used to give instructions remotely to assist the other person remotely with guidance. For example, you can use this app to help your parents (elderly) troubleshoot or teach them how to use their phone. For example, you could teach your parents how to use Gmail, Messenger, YouTube, change their phone settings and more remotely. At any time, any user can easily uninstall the app.

It is very important to watch this video until the end. This is just a tutorial on how to use a screen mirroring/sharing app. Again, this app can only be used with the permission of both users.

The app is called Inkwire Screen Share Assist (available on Google Play Store).

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This video is for informational purposes only. This video is simply a tutorial on how to use a screen mirroring app from the Google Play Store. There are many screen mirroring apps available on iOS and Android devices. The sole purpose of this video is for educational purposes only. The creator of this video/channel will not be held responsible for any damage or loss caused.
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