How to Use Google Drive – Tutorial for Beginners

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How to Use Google Drive – Tutorial for Beginners
How to Use Google Drive – Tutorial for Beginners
In this step-by-step video tutorial, learn how to use Google Drive to back up files, access your files anywhere, share and collaborate with others, and quickly return to your files. I explain how to get Google Drive and how to use Drive on PC, web and phone.

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– Google Drive:

00:00 Presentation
02:00 Get Drive on the web
02:51 Get Drive on your PC
03:24 Get Drive on Android or iPhone
03:49 Download file
04:32 Download the file
04:52 New menu
05:07 Create a new document, sheet, slide or other
05:25 Create a new folder
06:05 Search
06:57 Quick access
07:34 View My Drive
08:21 Share links with people and groups
09:00 Additional File Actions
10:14 Actions on folders
10:42 View My Drive
11:05 a.m. View of computers
11:20 a.m. View shared with me
12:12 Recent view
12:36 Starry view
12:51 Trash view
1:05 p.m. Storage usage
1:36 p.m. Google Backup and Sync desktop app
15:24 Drive mobile app

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