How to use the NEW Microsoft Outlook!

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How to use the NEW Microsoft Outlook!
How to use the NEW Microsoft Outlook!
In our latest tutorial, we cover New Outlook and all of its innovative features designed to improve your productivity and streamline your email management. Whether you're a long-time user or new to Outlook, we'll guide you through setting it up to feel right at home, using its new features to manage your inbox more efficiently, and integrating it seamlessly with other Microsoft 365 apps.

What you will learn:

Introduction to New Outlook: Understand user concerns and learn how to customize the interface to work for you.

Inbox Management: Learn how to use enhanced features to manage your emails more efficiently.

Calendar and Event Coordination: Learn how to take advantage of updated calendar features to plan and manage events like a pro.

Integration with Microsoft 365 apps: Learn how New Outlook tightly integrates with Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and more, simplifying the way you work and share.

New Productivity Features: Discover the long-awaited, time-saving features in New Outlook.

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Video times:
00:00 Presentation
01:15 Installation in the new Microsoft Outlook
01:33 Changing the Outlook Ribbon Bar
02:05 Changing the view of Outlook conversations for emails
02:47 Change Outlook density
03:23 Disabling Focused Mode in Outlook
04:13 Opening Outlook email replies in a new window
05:14 Improve email management in the new Outlook
05:32 How to pin emails in the new Outlook
06:11 How to use the new categories in the new Outlook
09:19 Improve calendar and meeting management in the new Outlook
09:37 How to use drag and drop for new meetings in Outlook
10:38 How to set a meeting as an in-person event
11:08 How to schedule meetings, use FindTime, and schedule surveys
12:28 Integrating other Microsoft 365 apps into the new Outlook
12:41 How to share emails with Microsoft Teams in the new Outlook
13:47 How to manage tasks with Microsoft To Do in the new Outlook using Microsoft To Do
16:02 How to access, create and edit OneDrive files in the new Outlook
5:14 p.m. Summary and conclusion

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