How to view and share your Spotify Wrapped 2022

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How to view and share your Spotify Wrapped 2022
How to view and share your Spotify Wrapped 2022
Spotify Wrapped is back for 2022. Want to know how to see yours? Watch this video to learn how to view your Spotify Wrapped 2022 as well as how to share your Spotify Wrapped on social media.

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To see your Spotify Wrapped summary for 2022, open the Spotify app on your mobile device. Then tap Your 2022 packaging is here. If you don't see it there, check the search tab and a link should appear there as well. A vertical video structured like a social media story will appear on your screen and you will start to see an overview of your listening history on Spotify for the year, including your most listened to genres, what you listened to at different times . of the day, how many minutes you listened to Spotify, your most listened to song, your top 5 songs, then your top songs from the 2022 playlist. Tap Add to Library to save the playlist. You will then see your top artist of the year and the number of minutes you spent listening to them, as well as your top 5 artists. The unique feature of Wrapped this year is your music listening personality. Mine is the Voyager, but yours will be different depending on your own listening habits. At the end of your preview, you'll see a summarized story that you can share on your social media, showing your top artists, songs, minutes listened to, and your top genre. There are 4 different color combinations to choose from. Tap Share to share it on your Instagram Story, Facebook Story, Snapchat, Twitter and more. You can also download the image if you just want to save it to your device. To rewatch your Wrapped preview, tap Replay from beginning. You can also tap the left or right side of your screen to move to a specific slide. Share any slide on your social media by tapping Share This Story at the bottom. Once you look at your Wrapped preview for 2022, you will see this menu titled Your 2022 in Review. Here you can review your Wapped playback, your Top Songs 2022 playlist, your Artist Messages which will feature video messages from your top artists of the year, as well as your Missed Hits, which will show you the popular tracks on Spotify that you I haven't listened to. You'll also find mixes with songs from your top 5 genres. Once this menu is gone, you can still find the Your Top Songs 2022 playlist in your Spotify library.

That's all you need to view and share your Spotify breakdown for 2022.

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