iOS 17.4 Settings to Disable NOW! [Stolen Device Protection Explained!]

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iOS 17.4 Settings to Disable NOW! [Stolen Device Protection Explained!]
iOS 17.4 Settings to Disable NOW! [Stolen Device Protection Explained!]
David discusses exciting new features in iOS 17.4 and 17.5, starting with Stolen Device Protection. This feature improves security by eliminating the need for passcodes, relying solely on biometric authentication in unknown locations. Plus, David shows how to enable this feature for continuous security, ensuring your device and data stay secure, no matter where you are.

Then discover the joy of collaborative playlists in Apple Music. Invite friends to contribute to your playlists, perfect for road trips or parties. Despite David's unique musical tastes, this feature promises to be a hit for many.

David also explores changes to the default notification sound, inline predictions for messaging, new Siri features, and the introduction of AirTag sharing. For iPhone 15 Pro users, learn how to use the Action button for live translations.

Additionally, David delves into essential settings adjustments for privacy, security, and system services that can save battery life and improve device functionality. He highlights the utility of Apple Vision Pro with spatial video and demystifies system services for significant location savings.

Finally, for our European friends, David discusses the possibility of iOS 17.5 for sideloading and third-party app stores – a feature much anticipated by many people outside the EU.

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00:00 Presentation
0:04 Protecting stolen devices
1:31 Collaborative playlists
2:33 Change the default notification sound
3:19 Online predictions
3:47 Automatically send messages
4:23 Multiple Siri languages
4:45 p.m. Airtag sharing
5:32 Record 3D videos
6:44 Hidden translate button
7:32 System Services
8:47 New Siri features
9:05 a.m. New AI features
10:02 New clock widget
11:06 a.m. Local awareness
11:57 AppleCare and warranty
12:31 Secret cable tip
12:51 New European features

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