Lock accounts after multiple failed login attempts

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Lock accounts after multiple failed login attempts
Lock accounts after multiple failed login attempts
New features of CIOC version 3.5

This video covers:

Account lock option

On the General Configuration page, the new Login Attempts field allows you to lock accounts whose login attempts have failed multiple times. The limits available are 5, 7, 10 or unlimited fails. The number of failed attempts is reset when a successful login occurs. Users receive a warning before the account is locked.

When an account is locked, an email is sent to the designated account contact (as per agency setup) as well as the email address provided in the account itself. A user with account management privileges can unlock the account by accessing the edit user account page. An X appears next to locked user accounts in the user list. A locked account may mean that the account username and/or password need to be changed.

If more than two accounts are locked through the same IP address, the IP address itself may be blocked from logging into any account. At this point, a technical administrator should be contacted to unblock the IP address and allow connections from that IP address.
Saving the last successful connections and attempts
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Even for those who do not enable the account lockout feature, the software now logs the following information:

– Date and time of last successful connection
– IP address of the last successful connection
– Date and time of last failed login attempt
– IP address of last failed connection attempt
– Number of failed login attempts (since last successful login)

Some of this information is available through the Edit User Account or My Account pages. Both pages now always display information about the last successful login (if available). For databases that use the account lockout feature, information about failed attempts is displayed on the Edit User page each time the account has been locked out. For databases that do not use the account lockout feature, information about a recent failed login is displayed, if applicable (assuming no successful login occurred after the failed login). attempt).

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