Quick Ways to Fix iOS Upgrade Stuck in 1 Minute

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Quick Ways to Fix iOS Upgrade Stuck in 1 Minute
Quick Ways to Fix iOS Upgrade Stuck in 1 Minute
If you were trying to transfer data using the Move to iOS app, your process might have been blocked for no particular reason. While this is happening to you, this video contains some awesome tips that can help you fix stuck switching to iOS in 1 minute. Get an idea of improving your workflow with the MobileTrans Desktop and Mobile app.

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00:00 MobileTrans 20% off%
00:35 Tips to Fix Switching to iOS Stuck for 1 Minute
00:46 Method 1: Bring two phones close enough together
01:09 Method 2: Disable Airplane Mode on Android
01:47 Method 3: Check the Wi-Fi connection
02:33 Method 4: Connect to a power source
02:49 Method 5: Restart both phones
03:31 Method 6: Update the firmware of both devices
04:05 Alternative 1: Desktop version of MobileTrans [best choice]
05:34 Alternative 2: MobileTrans application

Wondershare MobileTrans offers a single desktop version that meets the needs of transferring data between devices. For efficient data transfer without latency, MobileTrans provides a suitable interface with the right options. As you can transfer more than 18 file types using this platform, it is the perfect alternative that covers much more than your expectations.

With this online method, you don't have to reset your devices to factory settings. Since you are aware that you won't find anything better than this, we will help you use it correctly. Then learn how to fix transfer issues between your Android and iPhone using MobileTrans Desktop:
Step 1: Start by downloading and installing MobileTrans on your desktop. Launch it after downloading it successfully and connect your Android and iPhone using a cable connection.
Step 2: Select the "Phone Transfer" tab at the top and continue with the "Phone to Phone" option to start the transfer process.
Step 3: Make sure the Android device is in the /"Source/" section and the iPhone is in the /"Destination/" side. Use the /"Flip/" button if necessary. Select the data by checking the required types in the middle and press the /"Start/" button.
Step 4: The process will take some time and the complete data will be successfully transferred to your iPhone.

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