Unable to sign in with Microsoft account. A problem occurred in Windows 10 and Windows 11 0x801901f4

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Unable to sign in with Microsoft account. A problem occurred in Windows 10 and Windows 11 0x801901f4
Unable to sign in with Microsoft account. A problem occurred in Windows 10 and Windows 11 0x801901f4
In this video, I will show you how to repair a Microsoft account if you are unable to sign in to the Microsoft Store or any Microsoft app on Windows 10 and Windows 11, with the following connection error code: 0x801901f4.

I have tried several methods used to fix the most common problems with the Microsoft Store or similar Microsoft apps, but all of them failed to fix this error code, at least for me. However, I will show you all these methods before showing you the new one that works on my laptop, so you can try them if you have a different error source than mine.

I will also apply all methods on Microsoft Store app, however, the login issue will be fixed in all Microsoft apps that require Microsoft account, such as Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Settings, Mail, Skype, Microsoft Office and more. other applications, because the connection will be automatically synchronized with each of them.

Right-click on the Store app, then select App Settings
In Windows 10, right-click the Store app and select More, then select App Settings.
Scroll down and click on the Repair icon
The repair option is not available in Windows 10 at the moment.
If the Repair option didn't help, try the Reset option

Right-click on the Start icon and open Settings
Click the Update & Security option and then select the Troubleshoot option
Click on the Additional Troubleshooters option
Scroll down and select Windows Store Apps
Click Run Troubleshooter and apply the suggested fixes based on the problem identified on your computer.

– Open the app settings and then click on the Finish option
Right-click the Start icon and open Windows PowerShell as administrator
Run this command to change the execution policy to Unrestricted:
Run this command to re-register the Store app:


Both command lines are available in the video description

Open the Store app and search for the free VPN app
Select the desired application from the list. In my case, I chose this one.
Click on Get or Install option to start the installation
Click Launch to open the VPN app
Click on the Maybe later option
Select any country from the list to change your browsing location, then click the Flag icon to connect to the selected server.
Once connected, return to the App Store and sign in using your Microsoft email, phone, or Skype account.

If your problem starts after this window, try signing in to Microsoft from any browser to make sure your account is valid and not blocked.

Enter the PIN or password you use offline to log in to your computer.

As you can see, the login process was completed successfully and the login data automatically synced with all apps belong to Microsoft, such as Cortana, Settings, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Edge Browser and other apps.

If you receive an error message stating that "You will need Internet for this",
with this error code “0x800713AB”, then you need to troubleshoot your internet connection or disable the VPN app.

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