WHOOP 4.0: Ultimate Beginner's Guide

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WHOOP 4.0: Ultimate Beginner's Guide
WHOOP 4.0: Ultimate Beginner's Guide
This is an ultimate beginner's guide to WHOOP 4.0 Strap. I share how the strap works, battery life, fitness and sleep tracking capabilities, price and more. You'll learn EVERYTHING you need to know about WHOOP to get started.

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00:00 – WHOOP 4.0 Beginner’s Guide
00:26 – How to wear the WHOOP 4.0 correctly
02:32 – How to move to a new group
03:28 – Biceps band
03:59 – Comparison of group colors and styles
05:26 – HydroKnit
05:45 – Hydrosleeve
06:57 – WHOOP Bodywear
07:08 – ALL PURPOSE Arm Sleeve
07:50 – TYR X WHOOP Jammer Swimsuit for Men
08:46 – ANY-WEAR Compression Top – Shirt
09:54 – ALL PURPOSE Athletic Boxers and Boxers – Smart Apparel
11:10am – ALL PURPOSE Shorts
12:41 p.m. – Loading WHOOP
1:41 p.m. – WHOOP blue light glasses
2:15 p.m. – The all-new WHOOP home screen
4:44 p.m. – WHOOP feature: The health monitor
5:15 p.m. – App update: new sleep details page
6:26 p.m. – Impacts on recovery
7:08 p.m. – The WHOOP newspaper
8:36 p.m. – Presentation of Stress Monitor: a new way to monitor and manage stress
10:47 p.m. – WHOOP Sleep
11:25 p.m. – ChatGPT with AI coach WHOOP
26:50 – WHOOP Strain
27:37 – WHOOP Strain Coach
28:13 – Track muscle load with a strength trainer
31:05 – Monthly and weekly evaluation of WHOOP performance
32:29 – Join WHOOP
33:08 – WHOOP Labs participates in a research study
33:21 – WHOOP app device settings
33:39 – Automatic and manual activity detection
34:01 – App integrations
35:24 – How to export your data, goals, pregnancy coaching, hide metrics
36:02 – Questions about WHOOP app services

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